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By filling out this form, you confirm you are seeking to birth a new biz OR uplevel your existing biz. You also understand this is a very high-touch program meant to leave you feeling calm and confident to run your beautiful biz once our mentorship contract ends. The goal is for you to have everything (expert level of knowledge for your craft/speciality, social media, email marketing, best practices, etc.) running smoothly to attract new clients/consumers whose lives you are meant to change. 

If accepted, you become an extended entity of my biz (energetically). I will send occasional solo emails with your offers ongoing and co-host events and trainings as needed.
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Human Design, Gene Keys, and other life, work & soul assessments are a key component of my Initial Biz Framework Evaluation. It helps us create a clear vision and bring it into fruition at lightning speed by highlighting YOUR unique blueprints as a Divine Creator.

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