Strength and Conditioning for Taekwondo 1 - Registration Form for 10th Feb 2017
Strength and Conditioning for Taekwondo 1 is an introductory one day course explaining the fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning training for Taekwondo athletes of all levels. The course is divided between two classroom modules and an third session with practical demonstrations of equipment and techniques, delivered at the University of Nottingham's state of the art high performance training facility, 11:45-17:00 on February 10th 2018.

This course is primarily aimed at university clubs coaches and assistant coaches, but is open to all student and alumni members with an interest in the latest sport science based training methods and is highly applicable to all martial arts and combat sports.

*NOTE 1: The deadline for registration is 18:00 on Thursday 25th January.*

*NOTE 2: This is module 1 of our S&C courses and is the same as the 14th October 2017 course. If you attended in October we would recommend you do not book this course but wait for the module 2 course later in the year.*

*NOTE 3: Please be aware that places are available on a first come first served basis and cancellations may only be refunded up until the event entry deadline.*

*NOTE 4: This course takes place the day before the Lion's Cup tournament being held close by at Nottingham Trent university.*

The course is delivered by Mr Carl Langan-Evans, a high performance Taekwondo coach for the Olympic Taekwondo Centre team. Carl has provided consultancy as a trainer, coach and physiologist to a number of high performance sports teams including those at the 2012 London Olympic Games. After graduating in late 2011 Carl had gained his professional accreditation in strength & conditioning via the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) and began PhD study in the area of 'the effects of rapid weight loss methods on the physiological, metabolic and hormonal profile of elite international Taekwondo athletes' in late 2012 before gaining a staff position as the sport science support officer for Liverpool John Moores University in early 2013. Carl's research areas include Physiology, Metabolism and Nutrition for elite Taekwondo performance and High Intensity Interval Training (HIT) for performance and health.

SESSION 1 – Sport Science Support/Nutrition & Weight Making for Taekwondo Module

>>Introduction to Sport Science Disciplines (Physiology/Biomechanics/Psychology)
>>Basic Sports Nutrition (Macro & Micro nutrients/hydration/supplements)
>>Weight Making Practices (Dieting/dehydrative methods/recovery post weight in)
>>Periodization (Macro/Meso/Micro cycles, tapering, order of training, recovery)

SESSION 2 – Strength & Conditioning for Taekwondo Module

>>Introduction to S&C areas (strength/power/speed/conditioning)
>>Testing Performance (strength/power/speed/conditioning)
>>Structure of Training (Volume/intensity, sets, reps, tempo, rest)
>>Warm-ups & Cool Downs (structure and flexibility potential)
>>Conditioning modalities (An/Aerobic – general & specific)

SESSION 3 – Practical S&C for Taekwondo Module

>>Basic Warm-Up Techniques (prehabilitation)
>>Basic Lifting Techniques (upper & lower)
>>Basic Plyometric Techniques (upper & lower)
>>Basic SAQ Techniques (general & specific)

Course Fee:

Non-members £45.00
Non-student members £35.00 (employed instructors and current alumni members of UK university Taekwondo clubs)
Current student members £25.00 (current students of UK universities)


All participants must register by Thursday 25th January using this online registration form. Places are available on a first come first served basis and cancellations may only be refunded up until the event entry deadline, otherwise the event fee will be charged to all registrees. The course will accept a maximum of 35 participants.  In the unlikely event we have insufficient participants registered by Thursday 25th January we may add your name to a waiting list and reschedule the course.

All participants will receive confirmation on Friday 26th January. For all student and alumni club members and instructors a single invoice will be generated for your club's participants which shall be issued to your university sports department for payment; non-members will receive an invoice directly.


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