Survey for "All-In-One-Pass" Tillage Tool
East Cassia, Minidoka and West Cassia Soil & Water Conservation Districts are adding to the equipment we rent to producers in the Mini-Cassia area. Please continue to our survey, your feedback is very important to us.
TERRA-MAX 20'   All-In-One-Pass Tillage Tool
Create a seedbed- friendly finish, levels soil and eliminates ruts, size and bury residue, and remove chemical-resistant weeds  -  all with one innovative tillage tool. This hybrid soil management solution gives producers the flexibility to easy adapt to ever-changing weather, seasonal, and soil conditions. 
  • The use of the all-in-one-pass tillage tool reduces fuel costs, man hours, and soil disturbance 
  • Digs 4-5 inch depth
  • In 1 pass tillage tool
  • Slices residue  
  • Levels soil, buries residue, and manages weeds
  • Ideal for seedbed preparation, residue management and manure incorporation
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