RLT Virtual Classes Survey
Raleigh Little Theatre seeks input from all of our youth and adult class participants from this year of virtual and in person classes. We specifically want to know more about the value of virtual programs for you and your family. If you are an adult student, youth student or a parent/guardian of a youth student, please complete this survey. Even if you did not participate in virtual classes, we still want to hear from you so we can plan programming that meets the needs of our community.
Are you completing this survey as an adult student or the parent/guardian of a youth student in RLT classes? *
Did you or your student participate in a virtual class with RLT this past year? *
If you or your student did participate in a class, please describe the value of the class for the student. What worked well about the class in virtual form? How did it meet your needs at the time?
If you or your student did not participate in a virtual class, please tell us more about why these options did not work for you.
As you think about next year, would virtual classes have value for you? Why or why not? *
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