Volunteer with Family Ministry!
Dear Volunteer Applicant,

We are so glad you have applied to join Amberlea’s Family Ministry team!!! We are so excited about the adventures we’re going to have! You will play a critical role in the life of children and families and through you they will see the love of Jesus in action. You have a very powerful job!

We have multiple volunteer opportunities coming up:

• Summer Day Camp: July 10-14

• KidZone: Sundays during worship service

• Nursery: Sundays during worship service

• Messy Church: Third Thursday of every month

Just a few more steps...
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The Amberlea "Leading with Care" policy (http://amberleachurch.ca/leading-with-care) requires volunteers and staff who work with children and vulnerable adults be trained in Leading-With-Care. Most volunteers and staff will also require a police records check.
Have you had a Police-Records-Check within the last three years?
The "Leading with Care" policy requires adult volunteers have a police records check every three years. If you have done one within the last three years you do NOT have to do it again.
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How long have you attended Amberlea?
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What do you value most about your faith?
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