Registration for participation in the system's Board website:
Currently the system is recruiting website SUPER MOD or MOD for website.
If you feel the passion and love DJ then fill in the information below in the form.
The conditions for participation in the board include:
 + Have time online 3 hours / day
 + Experience upload music onto the server contains music as and
 + If you know DJ and mix music with its own products, it is one advantage is the priority.
 + Dynamic, enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Specific work:
 + Upload your music on the server that contains music composed and
 Members Browse Music +
 + Pick Your best stories to put on top of the monthly Hot Music
 + There will be training more skilled if not more experience

 + The tracks will be posted on the fanpage administrators> 1.7tr likes
 + To take part in the event on DJ music system by organizing
 + To be given priority in the system rights website
 + Awarded under capacity

If you do feel able to participate in the governing board, the team quickly filed the form below then, quickly limited number of your offline.
Admin sincerely!

Full name
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Year of Birth
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Phone number
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Personal experience and orientation to join the system
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