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Thank you for contacting Love & Norris, attorneys at law. Please provide the information below. With this information, we are able to determine how we may best serve your organization.

The answers to the questions below enable the firm to facilitate the process of providing legal counsel, and provide client referrals where appropriate.

All legal opinions are given with an understanding that without ACTUAL knowledge or investigation of the facts and circumstances involved, our attorneys are limited to the information offered by telephone or face-to-face consultation.

Some circumstances involve extensive representation, and cannot be resolved with limited hourly work.

NOTE: If this matter involves an allegation or suspicion of abuse that has not been reported to relevant criminal or child protection authorities, please be aware that attorneys are commonly listed as 'mandatory reporters' in state reporting statutes related to child sexual abuse. In many states (including Texas), ALL ADULTS are mandatory reporters of suspicions or allegations of sexual abuse.

This information also allows the firm to conduct a conflicts check.

Please feel free to contact the firm with any questions concerning the information sought below.

The attorneys at the firm work on an hourly basis, with an hourly rate of $425/hour, and a minimum retention of thirty minutes of attorney time.
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