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Would you like to use Storage Service or Logistic Service to sent back your belongings to your original country?  一時預かりサービス、本国輸送サービス、どちらを希望ですか? *
Name 氏名 *
Phone Number 電話番号 *
Address of the property in Myanmar? 住所 *
On which date do you want to move? 引越し希望日 *
Are we allowed to use elevator? *You can skip this if you live in ground floor.   エレベータの使用は可能ですか?* *
Can the trucks easily park near the entrance of the property? トラックを入口付近に停車させることは可能ですか? *
How many pieces of medium size cardboard (total of the three external dimensions: about 120 cm) will it take? (We know it's difficult to give an exact answer, so please just give us your estimate.)  中サイズ(外形3辺合計:120cm程度)段ボール、何個分の分量になりますか?(正確な回答は難しいと思いますので、予測で構いません。) *
Could you fill out a short list of items to be moved or send us a photo (e-mail  荷物リストもしくは荷物写真を送ってもらうことは可能ですか? 困難な場合は”No”を選択ください。 *
Can we visit in advance to make the quotation? お見積りのために、事前にお宅にご訪問させて頂くことは可能ですか? *
Are there any large or heavy items that need to be moved? (Refrigirator, Safe etc,.) If you have any, please describe them as much as possible below. 大きな荷物/重い荷物はありますか?(冷蔵庫、金庫等) *
Are there any (very) expensive items in moving?(Expensive electronics, antiques, etc.) If yes, please fill out the item of lists. If you have any, please describe them as much as possible below.  お荷物の中に高級品がありますか?(高級家電、アンティーク等) *
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