Host a Democracy Spring DNA Training
One-day or two-day intensive DNA trainings are how we kickstart new local teams and absorb new people into our movement.

At the training, you will learn everything that makes Democracy Spring tick: the story, strategy, structure, and culture of our movement to win a democracy that works for all of us. After completing a training, your team will have what it needs to independently organize at the local level as part of a common national strategy.

We plan to begin offering trainings again beginning in spring, 2018. If you want to host a one-day or two-day DNA training in your city or town, please fill out the form below.

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As the local volunteer organizer, we would count on you and your team to drive local recruitment. Are you confident that you could recruit at least 20 people to attend a full-day training? (We can provide a modest list of people from your area who you can call and email.) *
As the local volunteer organizer, we would count on you to secure a location for the training. Will you be able to find a weather-appropriate training location that can accommodate at least 20 people and that can support slideshow presentations? *
As the local volunteer organizer, we would count on you to arrange lodging for our national trainer(s). Will you be able to find a place for our national trainer(s) to stay the night before the training? *
Depending on your location, we may need your help covering the travel costs of our national trainer(s). Are you able to help raise funds to cover bus or plane travel to and from Washington DC? *
Please carefully read our founding 12 Principles: Do you understand and agree with the Democracy Spring Principles? *
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