Application for "The Access Point" | Cosmic Advisory
This offering is the one I recommend if you are just getting started with Cosmic Advisory. The regular interaction will aid in the development of new energetic wiring, habit-formation, regular energetic clearing, and protection as well as removing any pressure around when, how, and what to share during this time together. This is our starting point and I find most students tend to crave this particular space first before moving into the next offering. This package will provide:

-4 days a week (T, W, Th, F) of Cosmic Advisory support between the hours of 8am MST - 4pm MST

-One virtual 30-minute ACHF transmission sent to the client per week

-One 45-minute Zoom call per month (phone or video) where we can discuss any cosmic advisory related topics, hold a Q+A session with channeling, or straight ACHF transmission 

-A private, Cosmic-Advisory only discount applied towards any full healing sessions during the course of our time together  

-A private, Cosmic-Advisory only discounted Cosmic Touch attunement enrollment 
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