Q-Con XXVI (2019) Artist's Alley Application
Please use this form to apply for a Artists' Alley place at Q-Con XXVI.

It collects contact details, artist information (e.g. what you sell), and confirms that you meet the minimum pre-requisites for assessment of your application. Inaccurate information may result in rejection of application.

Your application will be considered ASAP, and we may contact you for further information.

NB. Applications are not guarantee to be successful... we receive more than twice the number of applications that we have space to accept.

NB. Contact information *will not* be posted publicly, and will be treated confidentially within the Q-Con organisation.

NB. Q-Con may be compelled to disclose privately for legal or customer service reasons, but we will attempt to contact the applicant first, unless legally compelled otherwise.

Email address *
Artist Legal Name *
NB. Nicknames, trade names, or pseudonyms are NOT acceptable here, e.g. "FluffyBunikins" is NOT ok.
Artist Mobile Number *
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