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Letter (feel free to add or alter this letter): Hello, my name is (your name here). I live in Brooklyn and I'm a constituent who votes. I am writing to express my support for Bushwick City Farm, which is facing eviction in Brooklyn. The farm located in Bedford Stuyvesant at 354 Stockton St. is an essential part of the community. The farm provides fresh eggs and produce for free, is a safe place for young people to play and learn and serves as a gathering and meeting space for residents of many different ages, backgrounds and interests. Please do everything you can to help this group stay in their current space so that they can continue to support and contribute to our neighborhood. One specific request we have is that your office would make an official statement of support for our project which we can provide to media. We would also like to invite you to speak at our upcoming celebratory BBQ on Sunday August 27 th at 5 PM.
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