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*Please note all of our workshops are held on PST! Please adjust for your time zone.*
We are proud to present "Mixed Month", a workshop series focused on wellness and advocacy. We have 10 informative and community building workshops to attend on every Saturday of October, and you'll learn something valuable at each one. For more information about the specifics of each workshop and a graphic of the whole schedule you can check out our website here:
1. http://www.mixedatberkeley.com/mixed-month.html
2. http://www.mixedatberkeley.com/mixed-month-workshops.html

We have also created a podcast series that you can learn more about here:
1. http://www.mixedatberkeley.com/mixed-month-podcast-series.html

And lastly was will be updating our social media with speaker highlights and fun graphics! Check us out here:
1. https://www.instagram.com/mixedatberkeley/
2. https://www.facebook.com/mixedatberkeley

We will use the email you provide below to send you the zoom link, passcode, and other information before the workshop. Please double check that it is correct! See you soon! <3
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