Camp Ignite Counselor Application
Hare Krishna!! :0)
Thank you for your interest in becoming the coolest counselor for the coolest camp ever!
These are some of the qualities we are looking for in our counselors: responsible, energetic, charismatic, nurturing, proactive, respectful, eager to participate in services, cooperative with other team members, etc.
The goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone works well together to create a fun and fulfilling camping experience.
Also, all counselors are required to stay for the entire duration of the camp.
We look forward to reading some amazing responses and working with you to make Camp Ignite 2018 a huge success!
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Tell us about yourself- age, hobbies, interests, how many siblings you have, have you been camping before and if not, are you aware of what all it entails? How strong of a swimmer are you? *
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All apps will be reviewed thoroughly
Not all will be selected, and the reason as to why will not be disclosed
Registration fee will be waived for all counselors. However you must figure out your means of transportation to North Carolina on your own. The organizers are happy to help you plan your trip!
Be prepared to accompany a group of kids from your respective state/city to North Carolina
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