Brookwood CSA & pick up
For some, a barrier to being a Brookwood Community Farm CSA member is driving to the farm to pick up a share each week or every other week. Please take this brief survey to help us!
A summer share 2018
Have you ever been a member of Brookwood Community Farm?
Are you a current member?
If you are a current member, would you chose a pick up location not at the farm?
If not currently a member with a CSA share, would you purchase a share if there was an alternative pickup location in Milton?
Would you like to host a unattended/self-help pickup at your house? This would entail 1. a shaded, weather proof area that could keep the vegetables fresh & protected from extreme temperatures 2. working with BCF to determine logistics
Would you be interested in helping with set up of farm vegetables, packing and delivering shares as a work share (receive a share of vegetables for your work)?
Do you know that there are 3 pickup days on the farm? 2 weekdays 2-6:30 pm and Saturdays 9-1
Where do you live?
Sara, farm manager, in the PYO flowers
Which ways were you aware of to reach BCF?
If there is anything else you would like to share, please add that here. Include your email if you would like to be contacted regarding BCF/CSA/work share/hosting or anything else. Thank you for taking our survey.
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