WPS Smart Community Initiative-Community Support Survey for Primary and Seasonal Residents
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"Back by popular demand! The WPS Smartnow team have received several inquires about our survey as well as requests for the opportunity to provide input. We are very pleased with the interest that WPS Smartnow (the West Parry Sound Smart Community initiative) has generated. We have also learned that there are still many members of our community that have not heard of this initiative, or do not fully understand it.

Therefore, we are re-opening the survey. Your input would be very much appreciated.

What is a SMART community?
--It is a community that has internet capability that is: ultra high speed, affordable, and offers extensive capacity (no low usage caps, no latency)
--It is a community that uses this internet capability to: build sustainable economic development; to create good jobs; to enhance communications within and outside our community, to attract and retain talent and youth; to offer enhanced services such as healthcare, education, and to promote social well being.
What is our plan? To build a 175 km fibre optic backbone running through the seven municipalities in West Parry Sound. We have partnered with Vianet to build the backbone and provide internet based services (internet, phone, TV) at pricing similar to that paid in large urban centers in Ontario.

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Can you access the internet for education purposes from your WPS home?
Would you like to know where available and free Wi-Fi Hot Spot locations are in WPS?
Do you feel its important that WPS students have the same opportunities as urban based students?
Do you want increased engagement, communication, and transparency of municipal governments, Open Government?
Do you want online access to WPS facility booking, opportunities, events, and maps…e.g. booking ice time, Stockey Center tickets, hall rental?
Do the organizations you're involved with require assistance to build technology awareness, innovation and capacity?
Do you believe its important to have improved access to care closer to home, chronic disease, out of town specialist consultation, diagnostic alerts (Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN))?
Do you want the ability to fill out health service forms/ Pre-Registration of Patients and Post-Discharge Support and Follow-up via internet?
Do you want real-time web-based public reporting tools (dashboard-wait times for healthcare services, road conditions, bus cancellations, community event cancellation, emergency alerts)?
Do you believe its important in creating WPS presence through real-time photo and video marketing via online platforms ….e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube , Twitter?
Do you believe its important to create a business development hub using affordable ultra high speed internet?
To me, the WPS SMART Community initiative offers many other benefits not listed above, they are described in detail below
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I'm very excited to have the WPS SMART Community organize and build the ​infrastructure we require for all of the above *
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