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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to check out this job offer and application form. We are currently planning ahead into 2020 and hoping to form a small group of experienced teachers to join us on urban retreats in the heart of beautiful Barcelona! In this collaboration, we hope to build a community where we can do regular retreats. Retreats will be held throughout the year, especially during weekends that involve cultural festivals in Barcelona (as part of the retreat experience). Retreats will be short trips of 3-4 days and planned at least 6 months in advance. As a teacher, you will bring your group of students (7 minimum - 9 people in a student group) and teach a one-day professional course to this group on the retreat (Examples: Reiki level 1/2/Master courses, Professional massage course etc) - In return, we organise all bookings/payments for your students, accommodation, food, cultural activities and daily yoga/meditation (2 each day). Teachers will enjoy free accommodation, free activities and food with their group. Course leaders will also be paid for teaching the professional course.


Fill in this form (all your details are strictly confidential and used only for this job application). If you are successful and meet requirements, we will email you with full details and to set up an online meeting (using zoom or skype) where we can share and discuss retreat terms and conditions, a good chance to ask questions too! - It is equally important for us that all our teachers feel happy to work with us.

If you have any questions, please contact Tera: shuniyaheart@gmail.com
Website: www.ShuniyaHeartRetreats.com

Thank you!
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