Requirement for Listing
Please fill in this application form to list your tokens on DEXEOS.
After receiving your application we will review and vet your project. When we decide to list your token it will typically be done on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every calendar month. We will announce the listing of your token on our channels and social media approximately 4 days prior to the listing.
1. Title of the project *
2. Requested listing date *
3. Token symbol (ex: DXT) *
4. Token contract (ex: thedextokens) *
5. Token decimal (standard decimal number is 4 for EOS tokens) *
6. Website link *
7. Project team origin (Country) *
8. Contact information: Email *
9. Contact information: Phone *
10. Contact information: Telegram
11. Token Logo for exchange (Min: 180 x 180px) *
12. Short description of project in English *
13. Short description of project in Chinese or Korean
14. When your token is listed, please help make orders and liquidity. If a token is inactive for more than 2 weeks, we may delist it without a warning. (Check box to agree.) *
DEXEOS can help out fill your orderbook and host an airdrop event for your token via our exchange. If you would like this, please let us know below and we can discuss the details.
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