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Pitching travel stories to National Geographic Traveller India

Before you pitch, here's a note that will tell you about the magazine and the kind of stories we look for:

First and foremost, we are about storytelling. We believe our role is to provide good reading material and much inspiration. By providing stories of trips that are fun or culturally interesting, we think readers will seek out their own individual journeys. Our stories are family-friendly and inclusive, appealing to a wide range of individuals of a variety of backgrounds. We try to get away from the traditional travelogues of the went-there, did-this-or-that variety. We also try to avoid linear narratives that follow a chronological order, or travelogues that involve ticking off a bucket-list.

National Geographic Traveller India has various front and back of the book sections that have differing story lengths and writing styles. If you have not read our magazine you can read plenty of stories on our website and familiarise yourself with them. Here's the link:

Keeping that in mind, here are some general style guidelines:
* Our stories are usually narrow in scope; they do not cover whole states, regions, or countries. If for instance, a story is about Cinque Terre in Italy it would focus on one aspect of this area and not the entire region.
* The story should have a hook. It should relate an intimate experience of time and place, of cultural immersion that is being shared with the reader. We're looking for storytelling that allows the reader to see the place through the eyes of the writer.
* The style of writing we look for is lively and interesting, and a sense of discovery should be at the heart of every story. We want our writers to project a curious and knowing voice that captures the experience of travel—the places and personalities, the insights and idiosyncrasies. Writers must see destinations with fresh eyes and real insight. We place a premium on surprise and good storytelling—the compelling anecdote, the colourful character, the lively quote, the telling detail.

Service information accompanying a story is requested from all writers. This is generally given separately at the end of each feature in a section that includes how to get to the destination, things to see and do there, and where to obtain more information. The writer is requested to send along as much service information as possible with the manuscript to help prepare this section.

Finally, we do require some exclusivity vis a vis other competitive travel publications and therefore request that the writer not have published a travel story on the same destination with another publication for the period of two months prior to publication of their story at National Geographic Traveller India and for one month after. Obviously we do not wish to limit the freelance opportunities that are available to you, so you are requested to bring to our notice any possible conflict of interest that may develop prior or post the publication of your story in National Geographic Traveller India.

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