Hype Girls Survey Form
You are invited to complete a short anonymous ( no name required) survey to reflect on your experience with hiking and access to the outdoors.  The responses will not be shared with anyone other than the Program HYPE: GIRLS. Your thoughts will help shape future program activities for the group.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
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Where do you live? (City, State)
How often do you go hiking in a year?
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Who do you usually go hiking with? Mark all that applies.
Do you own any special hiking gear? Mark all that applies.
Do you think hiking with other girls of color on a regular basis can improve:
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Belonging in the community
Sense of adventure
Emotional well-being (confidence, pride, handling stress)
Physical fitness
Appreciation and love for nature
Sense of accomplishment
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Do you think there is diversity/equity in hiking and access for girls of color? YES/NO. Please share your thoughts below:
What do you think there is to gain from joining a hiking program that is designed especially for girls of color? Please share your thoughts below:
In your opinion, which factors make it harder for girls of color to engage with the outdoors? Please share your thoughts below:
What suggestions might you have for improving diversity and promoting equitable access to outdoor spaces?
I understand that my anonymous responses can be summarized for purposes of publication for spreading awareness and or writing grants on the topic of diversity in hiking. *
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