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A character builder for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition -
How did you find Aurora? *
How long have you been using Aurora? *
How satisfied are you with the current version of Aurora? *
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How likely are you to recommend Aurora to others? *
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Did it surprise you when you found out that Aurora was a hobby project from one developer instead of a team? *
When you first used Aurora, were you new to D&D? *
What is your experience creating a new character in Aurora. *
Very Hard
Very Easy
What could be improved with character creation?
How often do you use Aurora? *
How do you spent your time in Aurora? *
What are the main reasons for you to use Aurora instead of another character builder? *
Do you use the built-in compendium to look up content? *
How many characters have you created with Aurora? *
What do you think of the additional content Aurora provides? *
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Very Satisfied
Do you use the additional content from Unearthed Arcana sources? *
Do you use the additional content from Third Party sources? *
Do you use homebrew content from others?
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Have you created your own content for the character builder?
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What is the number one missing feature in Aurora for you?
Shifting to a sustainable project or discontinue the project.
The purpose of the next questions is to gain insight if shifting the focus to the project as a full time job is even a realistic goal.
Have you donated to the project in the past? *
Would you like the project to reach a sustainable donation goal so a new version can be worked on full time and remain free for everyone? *
Would you support the project to reach and maintain this goal? *
Assuming you like the project, what do you think would be a fair amount to support the project on a monthly basis? (in USD) *
Would you rather have the project shift to a licensed based project or a Basic/Pro version like other software? (Knowing that if you donated in the past you will get it free.) *
If the project would be funded in a sustainable way through donations. Would you like to see the project become open source (code publicly available) in the future? *
Would the prospect of open source encourage you to support the project?
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Knowing that if the project would become open source, focus would shift and the content repository in its current state would likely be discontinued in order to not have the project itself be at risk of a take down. Would you then still want the project to become open source? *
Would you keep using the current version of Aurora if the project was discontinued? *
Do you agree that a project of this scale should be compensated? *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
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