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Coach: Dan Feeley

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Expectations and OVERVIEW: This year the X-C team will be limited to 72 runners. However, one of the underlying philosophies of the Rosa Cross-Country program has been and continues to be: raising awareness of distance running by exposing as many athletes as possible to the program. With this in mind every student regardless of ability should “try out” for the team knowing that only one of the factors to narrowing down the runners to the will be based on ability. • PRACTICE is every day unless there is a race. We have a lot of races in a very short time period thus, it will be extremely important that you make a concerted effort to attend all practices. a. Practice is from 3:15 – 4:20 Students are expected to meet at designated location ready to practice. Athletes NEED running shoes, running shorts/sweats, t-shirt, etc. for ALL PRACTICES c. Water bottles are recommended for practiced. There ARE LATE BUSES for ALL PRACTICES. (Late Buses leave at 4:30) (Students NEED TO KNOW the development they live as well as their STREET and closest CROSS STREET for Late Bus)• RACES: There will be buses for ALL Away Meets. Athletes are expected to attend ALL Home and Away Races. *NOTE* Parents may choose to drive your son/daughter home from some or all of away races HOWEVER, it is IMPORTANT the athlete indicates to the coach if he or she is leaving as well as SIGN-OUT, IN THE “SIGN-OUT BINDER” located by Rosa’s Medical Kit at ALL away races. ALSO if the athlete will be picked up from the race REMEMBER to BRING ALL BELONGINGS from school to the race.a. Athletes NEED proper attire including running shoes, running shorts/sweats, and a UNIFORM (T-Shirt which students purchase $10) for ALL RACES. Snacks and Water are Recommended. There IS transportation TO and FROM the RACE ONLY).i. NO LATE BUSES FOR RACES. Athletes MUST arrange for a ride home FROM ROSA after ALL RACES ii. “Pick-up” times listed on the schedule are the “estimated” arrival times back to Rosa from Away Races. (Athletes are encouraged to call their parents on the bus ride home to give a more accurate arrival time). DIRECTIONS to AWAY races are available on the Rosa Website’s “Athletics Page” or by doing a “Google” search. CHANGES/UPDATES to the schedule or otherwise will be given to the team verbally. (Race Cancellations will be posted on our School’s Website)• SATURDAY RACES: There are 2 scheduled Saturday Races: “Book It 5K” and Cherry Hill Championships. “Book It 5K” is an “Optional Race” however, Every Runner is expected to be at the Cherry Hill Championships, hosted at Rosa.• CONDUCT: Students will conduct themselves appropriately (according to Rosa and District standards/guidelines) at all times including practices, races, bus rides, etc.• Contact: Coach (Dan Feeley) *
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