IKKiCON 17 Volunteer Form

Thank you for your consideration in joining our volunteer team, otherwise known as the Riot Squad.

Volunteers are the backbone of every anime convention. Each convention is a large operation with many moving parts. Without the hard work and time volunteered by each and every one of you, we couldn’t put on a successful show. With your help we can make every moment a special one, so don’t hesitate! Join the convention family and experience IKKiCON as you have never experienced before.

As a Volunteer/Staff Member you are representing IKKiCON and your actions reflect directly upon our convention. With that being said, we expect all of our volunteers and staff members to read, agree, and adhere to the following Policies set forth. If a volunteer is found in violation of these policies at any time, the Volunteer Manager, Assistant Volunteer Manager, Director, Assistant Chairman, Vice Chairman, or the Chairman may revoke the volunteer’s badge and any other benefits the volunteer may be receiving. As well as, but not limited to; temporary/permanent being from volunteering/attending in any capacity for IKKiCON and/or its associated events.

Volunteer Benefits

We value each and every one of our volunteers and want to show you our appreciation by offering a few perks:

  1.    Weekend Badge

  2.    Same perks and access as a standard paid membership.

    1. 10% Discount at participating vendor booths.

  3.  Discounted purchases at the convention merchandise booth (OtakuMart).

  4. Giveaway: All volunteers who complete their scheduled hours will be entered into a drawing on Sunday for an amazing set of prizes.

  5. Exclusive after party.


Each individual will volunteer at least twelve (12) hours over a minimum of two (2) days. You must be at least 17 years or older with a valid ID to volunteer.


  1. Masks as a requirement will depend on the state of Covid levels in nearby and surrounding areas. 

  2. Health Screening (including a health questionnaire and temperature check) before a Staff or Volunteer member may start their shift.

  3. Staff and volunteers will have access to hand sanitizer, and gloves, and be asked to wash their hands as frequently as possible for a minimum of 20 seconds each time.

  4. Staff and volunteers will be trained in sanitization methods to ensure areas attendees come into contact with such as Registration, OtakuMart, and more.

Any and/or all policies are subject to change at any time without any prior notification.

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Notice Regarding Crash Space
  1. Only volunteers 18 years of age or older on or before IKKiCON are permitted in crash space rooms.

  2. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 1 day prior to the convention date.

  3. There is an additional 4 hours of required volunteer hours if approved for crash space for a total of 16 hours to be completed.

  4. Only the volunteer assigned to the crash space room is to be permitted inside for any reason. Volunteer(s) found in violation are to be immediately removed as a volunteer.

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