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Reach For The Stars!! is a pledge-based summer reading incentive program designed to get children excited about reading and develop good reading habits by encouraging them to read for a goal of 400 this summer! Participants in the program will record their reading minutes each day in the provided reading log and collect pledges based on their minutes read or flat pledges from their family and friends. Participants will turn in their reading logs and pledge money at the end of the summer reading incentive program and will get to select 100% of what they collect in pledges in books of their choice from the entire line of Usborne & Kane Miller titles through Usborne Books & More!

Participants will also have an opportunity to win fun prizes by achieving our 10/$10 Challenge of collecting $10 pledges from 10 people and completing their 400 minutes, doubling up their time by 800 minutes or more, and being our Top Reader by reading for the most minutes during the program, and being our Top Pledge Collector by collecting the most amount of pledges during the program. This program is open to children of all ages, even babies, as we encourage you to read aloud to younger children who are not yet reading. This will help develop a love for books and bonding moments for you and your child!

Since this program is based on the number of minutes your child reads, it works great alongside the summer reading programs at your local library! If you would like to participate in this program, please fill out the registration form below for up to 6 participants.

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