Third Grade Life Skills Post Survey - Poggiali
People who smoke cigarettes usually stop any time they want to do so.
It's always best to make decisions quickly.
Stress can feel different ways for different people.
There are two types of communication: Verbal and Written.
When you feel stressed there is nothing you can do about it.
Even if someone doesn't say anything, we can tell how the are feeling by the way they move their body.
A good way to refuse to do something is to be assertive.
When we feel bad about ourselves, it affects how well we do in school, sports, or other activities.
The second step in the decision making model is to think.
Kids who smoke cigarettes have more friends than non-smokers.
I know several different ways to refuse something that is a risky behavior such as smoking a cigarette.
Since lots of people smoke cigarettes, it can't be that bad for you.
In order to have a friend, you have to possess the qualities to be a friend.
When you feel nervous or stressed out, how often do you take deep breaths to relax?
How likely would you be to stand up to someone who is bullying others?
I am able to communicate how I am feeling.
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