Asexual Census Data Request Form
Raw data is currently available for 2014-2020

If you are looking for specific stats but do not have the resources to analyze raw data, you can also make a request for further analysis from the survey team. However, please note that requests for survey team analysis are subject to the availability of our volunteer analysts, so requests may be denied or subject to long turnarounds.

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Requestor Information
Name: *
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Institutional Affiliation(s) and credentials:
(Ex: "graduate student in sociology at ABC University", "journalist for XYZ magazine" etc. When relevant, links to official university bios, examples of previous work, or other additional information would be appreciated.)
Project Information
General project overview:
Please tell us anything you'd like to share about what kind of project you are working on, and how you hope to use any community census data.
Where (if anywhere) do you hope to publish any resulting findings?
ex. include undergraduate class paper, journal article, news article, conference presentation, etc. We understand that plans may change, but would be interested in any expectations you have at the moment.
What data would you like to request?
Please include which years you are interested in.
When are you hoping to have this data by?
If possible, we suggest allowing at least 2 weeks for datasets to be sent, and more if requesting analysis instead of raw data. Our staff works on a part-time volunteer basis so there may be some delay in responses.
Who else would have access to the raw data?
For example, will supervising faculty, research assistants, co-workers, or anyone else have access to the data?
Asexual Census Blog
Would you be interested in having a guest post or brief interview featured on the Asexual Census blog?
We like to encourage researchers to interact with the ace communities they are studying, so if you are willing, we'd love to feature a guest post or short text interview with you about your work and/or any findings that may result.
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