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If you are interested in becoming an ARC reader for Crystal North please fill out this form. 
 Please note by filling this out does not automatically give you a spot on the team.  
We are looking for active members that will read and review within the given time frame.  
You need to have read  Silenced to be eligible. 

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Important Agreements
1.  Any questions please reach out to Hannah Wenna PA
2.  All reviews must be completed and links or screen shots must be provided no later than 1 Week after the book releases.
3. You will be required to review on Amazon, unless you are banned. (If you are banned, please let me know right away)
4. Goodreads, Bookbub and Blog/Instagram Reviews are greatly appreciated but not mandatory.
5.  If you feel this is below 4 stars, please let us know and DO NOT leave a review until 7 days after the book releases.
6.  Please look for the post in the ARC FB group to post any spelling/grammar issues and do not include them in your reviews.  The ARC copy is not always the final copy.
7. Do not share the book file with anyone or copy any parts without written permission from Crystal North.  If anyone is caught sharing, replicating or dispersing this you will be kicked off the team and other legal action maybe taken.
8.  By submitting this form, you agree to not share any information regarding the ARC team and information posted there within. This includes, but is not limited to : members of the team, Author/PA privately shared information, and any information other members post. You Acknowledge that your information will be kept electronically by Hannah Wenna at Bookish Author Services.
9. Before downloading an ARC copy make sure to read the list of triggers.


If you can't leave a 4 star review or above please  contact Hannah Wenna first and then we decide together if you review or skip the review.  We don't mind 3 star ones as it keeps things honest and Amazon happy - but they must be constructive - too many could harm a book.  We may have you post after release week.

Non Disclosure Agreement:

By agreeing to the rules, you also agree to a NDA, specifically for not disclosing information regarding the ARC team, sharing of books, members within, or anything shared privately within the group.  

By clicking "Yes" the agreements below will represent your electronic signature.

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