Doing Healthy Africa Digital Wellness Survey

Thank you for your interest in filling this survey form to help us evaluate digital wellness in Africa.

Doing Healthy Africa is a digital wellness platform dedicated to raising an army of young people that have the stamina and technical know-how to thrive within the digital space.

Kindly note that all responses are anonymous, and so you can answer them as honestly as you can.
Have you ever heard of the term Digital Wellbeing? *
Do you know what digital wellbeing is? *
Are you conscious of your digital wellbeing? *
Have you done anything to improve your digital wellbeing? *
Are you digitally flourishing? *
Do you feel you are properly protecting your physical and mental health while using technology? *
Is your digital experience: *
Would you be willing to accept guidance in your journey to digital wellness? *
Do you have a personal phone? *
Do you have a personal laptop? *
How is your access to the internet? *
No more internet- Even though you know this isn’t true- how did that statement make you feel? *
Are your notifications always on? *
Does your schoolwork (or work)require the use of technology? *
Do you have fixed working hours?
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Do you work outside of your working hours (like checking your emails)?
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Would you like to see better policies from your employees regarding your digital health?
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Do you sleep with your devices by your bedside? *
I stop using my phone ...… before sleep *
How many hours will you say that you spend on the internet daily? *
Does your online presence help you to make an income? This includes gaining knowledge that can be translated into currency in the future. *
Do you use the internet to find ways you can better improve your health and wellbeing? *
Which of these social media platforms are you on: *
What do you do the most online? *
How does being active online make you feel? *
Do you find it easy to talk to people face to face? *
Do you feel that you’re spending more time online than you should? *
Using social media makes me anxious? *
I get anxious when I’m not with my phone? *
I find myself comparing myself to others when using social media *
I have a lot of friends on my different platforms, but I still feel lonely *
I tend to follow social media threads even if I do not like it *
Social media negatively affects my mental health more than it does positively *
I get a confidence boost when people like or comment on my posts *
I scroll through social media more than I post, comment, or search for content *
I only post things I am comfortable about *
I feel weak people should not be on social media *
I am easily distracted when online *
It's easy for me to focus when online *
I know who I am within all my social media platforms *
Social media has been a strong boost for me to become a better person *
I use social media for social good, and have genuine social interactions *
I am neither a bully nor been bullied on social media *
I use the internet to escape the real world *
I can easily take breaks when within the digital space *
When using a screen- I stay at one position for a long period *
I feel I can trust and be trusted online *
How would you like us to design our solutions? *
If there was a website that contains all these features (as listed in the solution strategy- will you be likely to visit the site)? *
To help us put perspective to the answers given, please answer the following personal questions- Kindly note that all responses are anonymous
Are you male or female? *
What age range do you fit into? *
What country are you from in Africa? *
Which category do you fall under? *
Email *
Please kindly share any other thoughts or questions you wished we had asked about your internet usage and digital wellbeing. This includes if you want to put context to a previously answered question.
Thank you so much for your support by taking part in this survey- For further information on Doing Healthy Africa, visit or send a mail to
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