IT Martini: Call for DEMOs
Thanks for your interest in performing a DEMO at an IT Martini event! Once these questions are complete, you can expect to hear from an IT Martini team member within a week or two.

<b>About IT Martini DEMOs</b>

IT Martini brings together hundreds of IT Pros for reception events, with 6-8 featured early stage companies performing DEMOs. IT Pros get an opportunity to vote on their favorite DEMO - with the winner taking home the IT Community Choice Award.


If your company is selected to DEMO, these benefits are available:

• An opportunity to earn media on the web before the event, create brand visibility at the event and have a published video interview released after the event
• Engagement with local technologists to discover feedback, perfect your pitch and acquire talent
• The possibility of winning the IT Community Choice Award for the best start-up company at the event
• Tickets to the IT Martini event for yourself and your colleagues


If your company is selected to DEMO, the expectations are:

• Your product and table is setup at the event venue by 4pm on the day of the event (Table/WiFi/Power provided)
• All members of your team performing the DEMO are registered for the event
• You're ready to pitch your product in a social setting and compete to win the IT Community Choice Award

<b>Past DEMOs</b>

Take a look at DEMOs from past events, here:

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