Mapping ICT tools used for Governance in East Africa
iHub Research is undertaking a project to assess how ICT tools are being used for various aspects of governance in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In particular, we are primarily interested in tools used to promote rights/access to information, civic participation(transparency and accountability), monitoring government's service delivery (health, water etc) and tracking corruption. The tools can be SMS,web and/or mobile based. The outcome of this will be a mapping of all these tools based on where they are used in East Africa, and will serve as an 'audit' of the impact of ICT in improving governance in the region.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!  
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(To promote rights/access to information/ to track corruption/ to foster citizen participation(facilitate transparency and accountability)/ to monitor government's service delivery
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eg skills transfer, awareness raising, lobbying legislation, tools building networks etc.
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