Application for Coral Spawning Volunteers

Corals are beautiful animals and here in Hawai'i we are studying their ability to reproduce and grow. We have an opportunity for volunteers to gain hands-on experience working with coral spawning on Coconut Island home to the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology!

How do the corals we work with reproduce? Check out this great animation by Honolulu Civil Beat about The Life of a Coral for a nice, general overview of the Rice Coral:

My name is Beth Lenz and I am a PhD Candidate in the Gates Lab at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology studying parental effects on reef-building corals and the application of selective breeding techniques. I am seeking reliable and enthusiastic volunteers to assist me at HIMB 4-5 nights each month in May, June, and July. Each night would require 3-4 hours of volunteer time from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Volunteers will be helping me with the set up, isolating coral colonies, collecting gametes from colonies that will be used for a breeding experiment, and cleaning up materials after each night of spawning. I will provide a ~1.5hr training and orientation at HIMB with volunteers each month of spawning. Anyone volunteering must attend this training. Please watch this video for an example of what volunteering would be like:

Please fill out the survey that includes your prior experience and availability. High school students are welcome to apply but if the volunteer is <18 years old, we ask that an adult (guardian or parent) accompany the minor.

Based on the volunteer responses and availability, I will contact volunteers at the end of April.

Thank you for your interest to volunteer during the coral spawning events - It is greatly appreciated!

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