Thorndale ISD WiFi Hotspot Internet Access and Checkout Agreement
Use of a hotspot is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this checkout/access agreement, and by checking out the hotspot, you have agreed to the following:

* Please only complete ONCE. Completing this document does not request a WiFi hotspot for your child. Please also complete the WiFi Checkout Request form -

- I understand that the hotspot can be checked out by an Elementary, Middle or High School student at Thorndale ISD. All students must have a signed Wi-Fi Hotspot Internet Access Agreement on file before a hotspot can be checked out.

- I understand that a hotspot can be checked out based on availability. During this time Hotspots may be checked out from the Technology department.

- I understand hotspots may be checked out on Mondays or Thursdays and must be returned the following Monday or Thursday by 2nd period. Elementary will return to the TES office upon arrival to school and Middle and High School will return to the TMS office. WiFi hotspot devices will be checked out for 1 week at a time.

- I understand that if the hotspot is not returned on the due date, the parent/guardian will be notified. In addition, Wi-Fi service will be disconnected and the hotspot will no longer be usable. Failure to return the device will result in a $25 replacement charge.

- I understand that the hotspots are checked out on a first come, first serve basis and may be rechecked out on date it is turned in, upon availability.

- I understand that as parent of an Elementary student, I must complete a Google Form to request a hotspot for their child by 12:00 P.M. on the day of check out.

- I understand as a TMS or THS student, I need to complete the Google Form to request a hotspot by 12:00 P.M. on the day of check out.

- I understand that the hotspot runs on the Sprint/T-Mobile network and that the speed and availability of the Wi-Fi connection will be dependent on the service area of Sprint/T-Mobile towers. Service connection is not guaranteed in all areas.

- I understand that the hotspot may be returned to the drop box in the TES or TMS office or it may be returned to Lindsay Franklin or Deby Leschber. If I do not return the hotspot in good working condition with all included accessories (case, charging cable and charging cube), I will be charged the replacement cost of $25.

- I understand that student use of this Wifi Hotspot is in compliance with the Thorndale ISD Acceptable Use Policy. Students are bound by the Thorndale ISD Acceptable Use Policy, Thorndale Elementary, Middle and High School Handbooks, administrative procedure, and all other guidelines in this document and the Thorndale ISD Chromebook Usage Policy and Handbook wherever they use a hotspot and/or a Chromebook/iPad.

- I understand that the use of this Wi-Fi hotspot is for educational use ONLY and may only be used by the student checking out the device.

- I understand that Thorndale ISD is not responsible for any files, data, or personal information accessed, transmitted, lost or damaged while accessing the Internet via the hotspot.

- I understand that Thorndale ISD reserves the right to refuse checkout to students who abuse the hotspots or repeatedly return them late.
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