A Video Game Con 2018 - Badges for arcade cabs or pinball machines application form
Want (2) free badges to AVGC?
Almost all of the arcade cabinets at AVGC are brought by a individual collectors. If you can get your arcade or pinball machines to the event, and allow it to be available for attendees to play, we'll give you 2 free weekend badges! E-mail avideogamecon@gmail.com for details.

The A Video Game Con arcade is a community driven spectacle that forms once a year. In the past the beautiful arcade games have come from a handful of collectors that supply their personal collection in bulk for the weekend. This most impressive collection is awesome, and to continue to grow the arcade we've started the Cabs for Badges program. Similar to other classic and modern gaming expos, an attendee that brings a game or more to share during the weekend gets (2) free weekend badges to A Video Game Con! Attendees get free entry to the event and satisfaction of sharing their machine(s).

Some notes:
All arcade/pinball games at A Video Game Con are set to free play. They cannot be set to pay mode.
Machines need to be in decent working condition. Please have them working before fest, and don't bring machines that need to be repaired. We understand that some games suffer problems during the event.
We're really looking for original or conversion arcade games. MAME machines are OK as well. Indie developed machines are also welcome assuming they are built as an arcade platform. Contact us if there are questions here.
A Video Game Con cannot be held responsible for damages. We do have security on the floor 24x7 watching the games. Load-in for Arcade machines will occur on Friday September 14th.
A Video Game Con starts on Saturday Septermber 15th and runs until Sunday September 16th.
Arcade/pinball machines will need to be picked up the evening of Sunday September 16th. A Video Game Con cannot handle transportation of machines. If you have a large collection that would fill a 18' or 26' truck with lift gate and want to supply them to the A Video Game Con arcade, this becomes a different level of involvement. This is where we pay for truck, fuel, and you can fall under the staff umbrella. Please contact avideogamecon@gmail.com if you are interested in this.
The Meadowlands Expo Center has a very nice loading dock. The expo center provides great power hand off and A Video Game Con owns high quality power distribution equipment so that we can properly power machines without issue. Before and after the con it's possible to drive into the expo hall within certain hours or there is plenty of loading dock space available.
The community makes the arcade awesome, and we totally appreciate your interest in helping us make it better!

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