Acton Hybrid Academy of Castle Rock
This is the 1st of 3 steps in our audition process to join our new Acton Academy that opened Sept 2020. Please complete these answers and then a time will be set for a shadow day with you and your student, then if we all agree it's a fit an interview & application & deposit will be collected. If you have any problems with this form please email Colleen at We are praying for the Lord to make it clear for all our founding families to know if this is the best fit! Blessings, Colleen
How would you describe your student's learning environment so far? *
Please tell us about your home school journey, if you are new to home education please share about your student(s) educational journey. Including successes and struggles and how you feel about home education. *
What excites you most about the Acton Academy model? *
Do you feel like you and your family have been on a passionate Hero's Journey in life or are ready to start? *
Tell us in a few sentences about your faith, church & relationship with Christ. (Our goal is to have families who are also on a spiritual journey as believers & followers of Christ focusing on a Biblical Worldview)
What concerns you the most about transitioning to Acton Academy?
We recommend you have your student(s) watch one of more of the videos and visit a tour of our new location. What did your student think about the Acton Model? Excited, Scared, finds it interesting, etc? *
What research have you done so far & how can we best assist you in learning more? (options could be: visiting our sister academy open house, watching specific videos, books, etc) *
Please list the best way & time of day (morning, mid-day or evening) to reach you to schedule your interview. *
Name *
Student(s) Name & DOB / grade that you are considering to join in the fall. (We are currently accepting students 10& up by summer of 2020) *
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