MCR 2019-2020 Grant Program Application
MCR-SGA is dedicated to offering leadership and advocacy opportunities to all students in Montgomery County. To further this mission, we are excited to re-institute the MCR Grant Program!

Any student-led clubs and organizations, inside and outside of school, are eligible to apply. This grant program seeks to promote leadership, advocacy, and community involvement. All types of groups are encouraged to apply, not only political ones. If your organization fosters leadership or community involvement, please apply!

Grants will be given on a rolling basis with amounts varying on need from the organization. You or your organization may be reached out to for an interview.

To learn more about MCR, please visit For further questions, please email

Please answer the following questions regarding your club/organization.
What is the name of your organization? *
Contact Person *
School *
SGA Advisor Name (if not applicable, say N/A) *
SGA Advisor Email (if not applicable, say N/A) *
Email Address (do NOT use MCPS email) *
Cell Phone Number *
Preferred Method of Contact *
Explain your club/organization's main goal. How does it benefit the community? (250 words or less) *
What projects or achievements has your organization completed in the past? (bullet points) *
How does your organization promote leadership in your community? (In 300 words or less) *
How much money are you requesting? *
Proposed use of funds (What projects do you plan on executing? In 300 words or less) *
What is the general timeline of the proposal you outlined? *
Please describe the materials/resources needed for your proposal (Bullet Points). *
What will the outcome of your proposal be? (In 300 words or less) *
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