ThingMonk 2017 Call For Papers
ThingMonk is a two day conference on the Internet of Things being held in London on September 12th and 13th, 2017. Now in its fourth year ThingMonk is a conference for the IOT practitioner - the programmers, designers and visionaries that are making the Internet of Things a reality. ThingMonk 20167will run as a single track conference over two days.

The ThingMonk Call for Speakers is now open, and runs until Monday, July 31st 2017.

IOT is evolving at an incredible pace, and this years conference themes are

* Digital Twin: Bringing the physical & virtual together
* Data, Analytics, Time Series and IOT: how do use, present and aggregate data at IOT scale
* Machine Learning and IOT: how to use machine learning, data and IOT
* Design and IOT: designing for users, their context and scale
* Industrial IOT and IOT in manufacturing
* IOT and Sustainability
* IOT Programming Models
* Full stack IOT: The power of the network, how connected devices, platforms, services and data come together

Talks are twenty minutes long, and should tell a story. No one is going to learn your API in twenty minutes at a conference, but the attendees at ThingMonk will see new and novel ways to use the technology that you are talking about that you have not even considered yet.

Q: Can I nominate someone else I'd like to hear speak?
A: Definitely, we love to get suggestions

Q: I've already been asked to speak - do I need to submit a proposal?
A: No need, we will definitely be chatting over the coming months

Q: I see speakers have been announced, does that mean I haven't been selected?
A: No, we will confirm the final speaker list the week of August 7th, and everyone who makes a submission is up for consideration until that point.

Q: Can I do a straight product pitch?
A: No, we do not allow product pitches and our audience absolutely hates them. Tell a story, it is always more interesting.

Q: Do I need to provide slides in advance?
A: No, on the day is fine. We all speak at conferences and know how ideas evolve over time. Not that anyone ever edits slides just before they give a talk.

Q: I have some other questions, who do I contact?
A: Drop an e-mail to or message me on twitter @fintanr.

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