Safety Climate Assessment
Predicting incidents is what every organization wants to be able to do. A number of universities have kept busy with this topic over the past 30 years, and the majority of them agree that safety performance is the best indicator of how well companies can predict incidents.

Safety performance, however, is hard to measure. Several international studies show a strong relationship between the safety climate and safety performance of an organization. The safety climate measures the perception of employees as well as contractors regarding the way the organization and its management think about safety. The measurement principle takes the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ approach and assumes an effect of people’s perception on their attitude and behavior. These principles are both good predictors of an organization’s performance as well as a person’s own behavior. For instance, safety climate research looks at how employees perceive the way their direct supervisors perform safety leadership, how the work is organized, and what they find important when it comes to working safely.

Orly Polak’s article “Cognitive dissonance: one of the causes for risk blindness, 2016” demonstrates the ways perceptions are a predictor of individual behavior. Therefore, safety climate not only measures the way in which the organization and its management cope with safety, but also forms a strong predictor of the attitudes and behavior of the individual employees.

Hub Creations has made it its mission to make a positive contribution to stimulating a safe work climate. Our contribution is knowledge. We get this knowledge by doing safety climate and safety performance research within organizations on a continuous basis. We work on improving our measurement instruments for safety climate as well as safety performance research. We learn from every study, and we work together with other safety researchers. We share the lessons we learn via social media for everyone who is interested. All data is collected and treated with confidentiality. Get in touch with us via

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