University of Colorado Heroes of the Storm
If you're interested in trying out for the CU Boulder Competitive Heroes of the Storm team, which will be playing in TESPA's training ground league for cash and notoriety, as well as the 2018 Heroes of the Dorm tournament for a possible $75,000 scholarship, new computer, and free trip to the grand finals, please complete the following form so that we can properly assess your background in order to give everyone a fair shot throughout tryouts.
What is your E-mail address?
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What is your Tag?
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Will you be a full time student for the entire Fall 2017- Spring 2018 school year?
Are you on, or at risk of being on, Academic Probation?
How much time are you able to commit to scheduled weekly practice and TESPA League Matches?
How long have you been playing and what is your current Player Level?
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What is the highest rank you've attained in Hero League?
What is the highest rank you've attained in Team League?
What role do you prefer playing?
If flex, please explain your comfort levels.
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What are your five best/favorite Heroes?
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