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Groups are scheduled as engage classes. Referrals may be submitted at any time and that student will be invited to participate the next time that group is offered.

Group Descriptions:

Starbound is a group for 4th-6th grade girls. In the group girls practice leadership, teamwork, and building peer relationships, as well as other character-building skills.

Building Champions is a group for 4th-6th grade boys. Among other skills, boys will practice leadership, teamwork, and building peer relationships.

In Soda Pop Heads students will learn to recognize signs that they are becoming angry, identify underlying emotions, and practice coping skills to keep them from blowing their bottle cap. This group is for students who are having difficulty controlling their anger.

Worry warriors is a group where students struggling with anxiety can support each other, learn to recognize triggers and signs of increasing anxiety, and practice grounding techniques.

Banana splits is a support group for any students whose parents are separated or divorced. The divorce need not be recent for students to participate.

Wiggle Worms is for kindergarten and 1st grade students who have more difficulty controlling their words, feelings, and bodies. They will practice using self-control strategies and learn why showing self-control is important.

*Other groups may be added as needed.

*Group materials are available for parent review upon request
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