Entrepreneurial Potential Evaluation

We appreciate your interest in our mentorship opportunity. This assessment only takes a few minutes to complete.

We offer a premier mentorship program where selected candidates are coached by top business leaders to create total financial independence without disturbing their current occupation. We are NOT looking for any financial investment or for a particular background. However, we ARE looking for people with good character and right mindset.

Because we invest a huge amount of money, time and energy to coach selected candidates, we have a seven-step selection process to explore possible mutual fit. It is designed to save time for both the candidate and the mentorship team. There is no cost to the candidates to go through the selection process. It is designed to educate a candidate about the criteria for selection, business model, and what it takes to succeed. Candidates will get to meet with the business team, network with top business leaders and interact with business coaches who will be mentoring the candidate. A candidate must complete the seven-step selection process to earn an offer or, can choose to exit at any point during the process.

All the best!

Gagan Thakur
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Wealthy don’t EARN income; they BUILD ASSETS that generate ONGOING INCOME. Do you want to BUILD ASSETS that generate ONGOING INCOME outside of your current occupation? *
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We are one of the largest Leadership Development companies.We select people with the RIGHT MINDSET to coach them with Real-World Business Skills. But, are you ACCOUNTABLE & TEACHABLE? *
We coach people to REALIZE their unfulfilled DREAMS. How much TIME are you willing to invest outside of your current occupation to make your dreams come true? *
Harvard Study: 85% of success is attributed to Soft Skills, only 15% to Technical Skills .We have one of the world’s best Personal Development Programs (PDP). What are your top SOFT SKILLS? (Select up to 3) *
A GOOD DECISION is not a YES or NO choice in the moment. It is made by gathering FACTS with careful DELIBERATION. Unsuccessful people look for other people’s APPROVAL and make decisions based on their CURRENT SITUATION. Successful people make their own decisions based on WHERE THEY WANT TO BE. How do you make MAJOR DECISIONS that have a long-term IMPACT on your LIFE? (Select all that apply) *
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