Applying for The Big Clash Gameshow
Welcome! You could be here for either two things:

- Registering your College/Sixth from for #ATeenGameshow
- Registering your University for #TheBigClash Gameshow, Season 9

If so you are in the right place! The form is for any individual who wishes to be a rep, point of contact or declare interest to be a potential participant in the future.

There will be a follow up stage after you have completed this form where we will consider your application or respond to any queries.

Not sure whether to be a representative for your University or be a participant.
Understand that the opportunity to take part only comes around once. There are only 5 spaces on the team to participate and only a max of 4 to represent and help behind the scenes. If you're here now, it means you're ready for the journey. What are you waiting for? APPLY NOW!
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