Camp Wildcraft GIT Parent/Guardian Waiver and Release Form 2020
The valued role of Camp Wildcraft’s Guide in Trainings is to help our camp realize its mission of
“Growing creative, curious, confident & caring kids who feel at home in nature.”
Our Wildcraft Counselor-in-Training Program provides opportunities for students entering grades 10 through 12 to volunteer at camp. There is an application process, but if accepted no fee to participate.

Please see camp details at website at
Contact if you have any questions.

Our GITs support our team-- and have a great experience by:
• Bringing their strengths, interests and skills to Camp Wildcraft each day
• Assisting with setting up and creating an inspiring and exciting environment for camp activities and programs
• Being a caring and attentive friend and guide for our Wildcrafters
• Having fun, and learning new things themselves, by participating in all of our art and nature activities

GITs Receive 35 hours of community service credit, if needed, per weekly session.

What we expect:
• A commitment of a minimum of one weekly session at one of our three sites
• Serving as a GIT between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00 each day, unless alternate arrangements are made with the Camp Director
• Good communication with the staff team
• Whole-hearted participation
• Students must complete the GIT Application & Parents must complete and sign this Waiver

We will email details about what to bring to camp, site address and details prior to the start of camp.

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ALLERGIES: As you teen will be spending full days outside in nature, working as a guide to our campers, please let us know if there are any serious allergies or medical conditions we need to know about to ensure his/her wellbeing at camp. If you teen has a serious allergy please describe here both extent of the allergy and treatment. *
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MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Does your teen have any medical conditions we need to know about while at camp? Are there any medications that need to be taken during the camp day? If an Epipen or inhaler is needed please let us know. *
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HEALTH INSURANCE INFORMATION--Insurance carrier or plan name: *
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PLEASE READ IN TOTAL: MEDICAL RELEASE (If medical treatment is needed) As parent or guardian of registered camper I hereby authorize Camp Wildcraft (including its staff, employees and agents), to act according to their best judgment in any situation requiring medical attention for the child named in this form, including routine healthcare, administering prescribed and over the counter first aid and medications as needed/described, and seeking emergency medical treatment for my child if warranted. I agree to the release of any records necessary for treatment, referral, billing or insurance purposes. I give permission to Camp Wildcraft staff to arrange necessary related transportation for my child if needed. In case of a medical emergency, every reasonable effort will be made to contact me. In the event that I cannot be reached, I hereby give my permission for the personnel selected by Camp Wildcraft to secure needed medical treatment including to hospitalize, order and medications and anesthesia, perform X-rays, special procedures, or surgery. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide medical insurance coverage for the child named in this registration while they are attending Camp Wildcraft and to provide accurate and complete medical information. I acknowledge that the costs of any medical treatment provided to the child named in this registration that are not covered by medical insurance will be my sole responsibility. *
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CAMP WILDCRAFT Acknowledgement of Risk and Assumption of Personal Responsibility-- Camp Wildcraft staff members make every effort to conduct safe programs and to orient children to the unique natural environment of the site. We are also aware that it is neither possible to foresee every contingency nor to eliminate all risk. As camp activities take place outdoors in nature, certain activities may involve risks that children do not routinely encounter at home. These may include, but are not limited to: hiking on uneven terrain, playing active outdoor games, encountering local wildlife, insects, poison oak and other natural hazards. I acknowledge that such risks exist, and I hereby agree on behalf of my child to assume such risks. I understand and acknowledge that participation in Camp Wildcraft, including all of its activities and the use of its facilities can result in injuries, harm or loss. I authorize the child named in this registration to participate in all Wildcraft Camp activities at all sites where camp activities take place, and on camp field trips. On my own behalf and on behalf of my child named in this registration, I expressly and voluntarily assume the risks of participation in Wildcraft Camp and HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE ALL CLAIMS (whether on behalf of the child named in this registration or for my own benefit) against Wildcraft Camp (including its staff, employees and agents) that may arise from injuries, harm or loss resulting from participation in Wildcraft Camp, to the fullest extent allowed under California law (as applicable). If any aspect of this waiver is deemed to be invalid, I acknowledge that the remainder of the agreement will continue to have full force and effect.I acknowledge that I am acting as an agent of the other parent/guardian with authority to enroll the child named in this registration at Camp Wildcraft, and that I accept this waiver on his/her behalf. I hereby warrant that I am the custodial parent or legal guard of the child named in this registration, and on my own and said child’s behalf, I agree to the terms and conditions of this waiver. *
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Thank you! If you have any questions please email Shari at
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