SAS Theater Booking Form 2019-20
Please be informed that simply submitting the form does not guarantee a space.
The request must be checked against availability and support staff schedules.

You should receive an email verifying that the form is submitted, and a calendar invitation once the booking has been approved.

*Please make sure to check theater calendars ( first to determine if it is already in use, and look for a different date or time.

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This is to estimate the amount of AirCon , as well as determine amount of support staff needed.
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Please check the capacity of the space to determine which venue is most suitable.
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Event Details
Please provide a simple description of your event. Technical details are handled later.
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Is this a Presentation? Check Yes for the Standard Setup and to SKIP TO END *
Standard presenter setup: Podium with Mic; Laptop Audio and Video connections; Screen, Projector; 2 WHH Mics; Presentation Lighting. IF YOU NEED MORE than, CHECK NO to continue. You MAY NOT ADD AEXTRA ITEMS at the last step.
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