Summer of '17- Teen Reading Survey
Teen People! Your opinion is needed for the library to understand your reading interests & improve what is offered. Results will be used in training librarians and getting material. Thanks for your time & input.
Summer of '17 -Teen Reading Survey
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1) What Kinds of things do you like to Read? Select your top 5 favorites.
2) What types of characters do you like reading about? Select up to 3 favorites.
3) What Social Media do you use? Select your favs.
4) What do you borrow from the Library?
5) What way do you prefer to read?
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
6) How do you choose a book to read for fun, not for school? Select up to 5 that you use.
7) Where do you get your reading material? Select your top 3 places.
8) What type of reading material would you like more of, from your public library?
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