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Thank you for offering to lead a hike for Mazama Families! To lead a hike for us you must be a Families Leader, Trails Trip Leader, an AYM leader, or a Climb Leader and have had a Mazamas' background check.

Please complete this form for your hike so we can publish it on our web page, the bulletin and in our e-newsletter reminders.
Leader's name *
Assistant Hike leader's name *
For insurance purposes, Families hikes must have an assistant so either the leader or the assistant leads and the other sweeps. If you do not have an assitant choosen and would like some help finding one, let us know. To be an assitant, they must have a Mazamas' background check and be familiar with the hike so they can lead the group back to the trailhead if need be.
Hike name *
Hike Date? *
Travel time to trailhead from MMC *
in hours. Use Google maps getting directions to the trailhead for a quick time estimate.
Departure time: Packs on and ready hit the trail time. *
Please note 9:30 a.m. or 10 a.m. etc.
Meeting location *
Hike Length *
in miles, number only please.
Elevation gain *
in feet, number only please.
Intended audience *
All kids must be accompanied by an adult, however, do you have a target age group?
Intended pace *
How long do you think the hike will last - could be a range, e.g., 3-6 hours, etc
Are parents who are backpacking their kids welcome? *
Is a trailhead parking pass required? If so, which one? *
Special items?
Are there any unusual items folks may need to bring, other than 10 essentials, water, snacks, personal kids supplies, camera, etc. This may include picnic lunch, etc.
Party Size?
Wilderness hikes must be limited to 12, but you can have a smaller group if you wish or a larger group if you are hiking in a non-wilderness setting.
Description - Please write a short description of your hike for use in the Bulletin, Web Page, and our E-Newletter. *
You do not need to include mileage, pace or pricing here, this will be assembled digitally from your other information. For example, why did your choose this hike? Is there a good destination? Close in town, yet a fun escape? etc.
Anything else you would like to add?
Feedback on how we can improve this form? Any thing else we can pass onto potential participants?
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