Second Rwenzori Youth for Peace and Leadership Awards Conference: Date 11th and 12th Oct 2019
Great Lakes Peace Center has a youthful, experienced and visionary leadership emanating from years of capacity and exposure in working with international organizations, managing CBOs and local mobilization, experience in organizing International summits from Rotary International, International Committee of Red Cross and other organizations. Great Lake Peace Center successfully carried out the inaugural Rwenzori Youth For Peace Conference which brought together 200 youth from the five countries of East Africa and from United Kingdom, Lebanon and United States of America. It took place at Kasese from 7th to 8th June 2018 with renowned speakers like Professor Lumumba, Professor Ogenga, Dr. Walemba among others.
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Conference goal
Empowering youth to overcome socioeconomic challenges and providing a platform to accelerate education access to the vulnerable.
Conference objective
Objective 1: To encourage Youth voices and innovative ideas as a means to address their concerns.
Objective 2: To provide a platform where 200 youth are supported to go back to school through tuition and scholastic materials.
Venue and Date
Kasese Multi-Purpose Social Hall. on the 11th and 12th of October 2019
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