The Conscious Florist - Bespoke Flower Arrangements
Thank you for choosing The Conscious Florist to customise an arrangement for you! To better understand your needs, please ensure you have the following details ready before completing this form.

- Sender's name, contact number, email
- Size selection
- Jar or bouquet selection
- Recipient's occasion for receiving flowers
- Specific florals needed
- Specific colours needed
- Optional: Recipient's personality or interests or recent stories
- Customisable front handwritten message of up to 10 words in calligraphy font
- Optional: Customisable back handwritten message of up to 50 words in norm
- Delivery method, date, time and address
- Recipient's address, name, contact number (if courier is chosen)
- Any other things we should take note of
Email *
Sender's Name, Contact number, Email *
If you are the sender, we will use this information to confirm with you your order (e.g. Angie Tan, 98765432,
Size Selection *
All prices listed here does not include delivery costs.
Jar or Bouquet Selection *
Many people often dispose their bouquet wrappers and ribbons after receiving new bouquets. To reduce the floral industry's waste, we collect these items and then select those that match the theme of the arrangement to wrap the flowers. As our customer, you have the option to choose that, or our sustainably-sourced brown kraft paper wrappers or reused glass jars collected from our community.
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Recipient's Occasion for Receiving Flowers *
Specific Florals needed
You can specify various flower types or flowers of different colours (e.g. red roses, white roses, sunflower, lilies, baby's breath). You do not have to specify to the maximum number. Regular: up to 4 | Upsize: up to 5 | Supersize: up to 7. The rest of the flowers to fill the arrangement will be specially curated for you.
Specific Colours needed
E.g. must be majority red, only pastel colours, no blue
Optional: Recipient's Personality or Interests or Recent Story
Front Handwritten Message (Calligraphy Font) *
Up to 10 words
Optional: Back Handwritten Message (Normal Font)
Up to 50 words
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Delivery Method *
Flowers require delicate care and handling by our professional flower couriers. 100% of these costs goes to our flower couriers who work hard to ensure your flowers get delivered well and on time.
Delivery / Pick-up Date *
Optional: Preferred delivery/pick-up timing (e.g. by 6pm)
Recipient's Name (if you chose Courier)
Recipient's Contact Number (if you chose Courier)
Recipient's Address (if you chose Courier)
If recipient is not around during delivery time... *
Any further remarks *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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