Mentored Study Program - Client Application (Spring 2020)
Thank you for considering participation in the Fuqua Mentored Study Program (MSP). We will use the information you provide to help students determine which organizations and activities match their academic and career interests. The information in this application will be shared internally with students at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, and should not include any material non-public information.

The Application is divided into the following sections
Section 1 Mentoring Organization and Activities (shared with students to inform their decisions/applications)
Section 2 Client Contacts and Mentors
Section 3 Mentorship Alignment Assessment
Section 4 MSP Agreement Signatures

The Mentored Study Program (MSP) is an educational experience in which students receive course credit towards their degree at Duke University. Students voluntarily enroll in MSP as an elective course; they receive no compensation and will not be considered professional consultants or employees. This assistance does not imply any endorsement by Duke University or the Fuqua School of Business.
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