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Please ensure:
* Authority fit - Please share a 100 word bio of your author profile and why it qualifies you to write about this topic
* Quality of writing - Engaging tone, impeccable grammar, concise and easy to read sentences with thoughtful examples
* Topic breadth - Pick a narrow and specific topic that you can cover in detail in 700-1200 words. Overly generic topics seldom do justice to the subject and can leave too much to interpretation
* Topic Relevance - The Webnames blog receives audiences who are looking to succeed online - from small businesses to freelancers to web designers to corporations. We encourage you to pick topics in business, digital marketing, branding and web security
* Citations and sources - We love facts, charts and data. If you make an assertion, we expect you to back it up with a well-reported news story or academic study, with complete citations that link to the original source

Please avoid:
* Keyword-cramming in articles - We love SEO too. However, our Write for us program is NOT an SEO channel, please do not waste time in squeezing keywords into the articles you hope to pitch.
* Blatant self-promotion or promotion of your brand, product or services
* Plagiarism or re-purposed content - We expect you to pitch an original and unique story idea and will get back to you with specific feedback. If you already have an article that is rewritten from content published elsewhere, please choose a different topic.
* Excessive backlinks - We love relevant outbound links, and if it is contextually appropriate according to our editor, you can add up to

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