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Slow food delivered to your door by the Husband and Wife team who lovingly cooked it for you.

Welcome to our pre-order and delivery form!

A quickie Cajun/Creole menu!

Just a reminder or unless you are not aware of - we make everything from scratch using the highest quality of seasonal ingredients. We shop and order ingredients from each changing menu we serve. Therefore, we have an ordering schedule that would allow us to order, receive and shop for ingredients, then to prepare for the meals we serve you. This will also help us to prevent food waste and keep the food cost low. Hence, there are a few days between ordering and delivery/pick up which is very different from ordering from restaurants who serve a similar menu on a regular basis. We will however still prepare a little more than the order quantities to fulfill the last minute orders as much as possible but please kindly try to pre-order before the ordering deadline. We hate to say no to you.

Order by Saturday, February 13th at 10pm for pickup/delivery on Tuesday, February 16th or Wednesday, February 17th.

Pick Up Schedules (please select a date for your preferred delivery date and time slot):
Pick up will be at our Oakland location on
- Tuesday, February 16th between 6:30pm and 7pm.
- Wednesday, February 17th between 11am and 11:45am or 6:30pm and 7pm
We can make special arrangements if needed to.

Delivery Schedules (we do not use 3rd party delivery service):
- All deliveries will be on Tuesday, February 16th, from noon and 6pm or Wednesday, February 17th, from noon and 6pm.
We can make special arrangements if needed to (and if our schedule permits).

Delivery Fee Schedules:
Orders of $60 or more, 0.1 miles to 15 miles: $complimentary
Orders under $60 and under 15-mile radius from 94606: $6

Then every 5-mile increment will be $6 increments for delivery fee:
15.1 miles to 20 miles: $6
20.1 miles to 25 miles: $12
25.1 miles to 30 miles: $18
30.1 miles to 35 miles: $24

All orders subject to 20% service charge.

- All orders will arrive chilled for health and safety reasons. They will come with suggested cooking/heating instructions.
- We appreciate a preferred wide delivery window (anytime) in order to continue with the complimentary delivery service for up to 15-mile radius from our location.
- Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, certain ingredients might require substitutions. Many farmers/fishermen slowed or stopped production during these trying times.
- Photos are from previous events and may vary slightly on actual ingredients, presentation and containers due to market availability and logistics.

PS. You can order and gift it to someone you care about or in need! Just let us know!

After your pre-order is submitted, we will email you an invoice after the cut-off order by time. Please submit your pre-payment via Venmo (preferred payment method) to confirm your order is good to go!

We love seeing what you do with our products with your own twist that are shared on Yelp with reviews, on your social media profiles and with us directly! Please tag us if you are sharing it on the www: #ssgastrogrub or @ssgastrogrub

*Photos are from previous events and may vary slightly on actual ingredients due to market availability.

Seriously stay safe + stay healthy with the spike of infected cases. Don’t forget to wash your hands often!

With all the gratitude in the world,
Sebastian + Simone
S+S Gastro Grub Catering
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Preferred delivery time (minimum 3-hr window but Anytime is best for us as we do not use 3rd party delivering services. if you won't be home/need to step out during our delivery time slot, please kindly leave a cooler out front w/ice packs inside). *
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Muffuletta Deviled Eggs(gf/df/nf, contains olives, pork + allium)- $10/4 halves
Captionless Image
Hush Puppies, Spicy Honey(hush puppies: v/nf, contains gluten, dairy, allium + egg)(sauce: v/gf/df/nf, contains allium + egg)- $12/8pcs
Cajun Chicken Wings, Blue Cheese Sauce(gf/nf, contains dairy, allium + fish in worcestershire sauce) Uncooked - $14/pound (vacuum sealed, freezable packs)
Cajun Chicken Wings, Blue Cheese Sauce(gf/nf, contains dairy, allium + fish in worcestershire sauce)Uncooked - Cooked - $15/pound
Captionless Image
Creole-Style Red Jambalaya A classic NOLA dish - tomato based rice w/roasted chicken, andouille sausage & U-15 shrimp(gf/df/nf, contains allium + shellfish)- $26/serving
Captionless Image
Banana “Foster” Pudding (v/nf, contains dairy + gluten)- $10/ea
Captionless Image
~ 72-hour Liberty Duck Bone Broth(gf/df/nf)- $10/pint
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